Create the safest and highest quality products.

Established in 2002 as a premier baby gear design and engineering group,
we set out to serve as the guardians of child safety.

For the past two decades, our mission, passion and pursuit has been leading design and engineering advancements within the industry, while creating the safest and highest quality baby gear. As one of the most all-encompassing, safety-focused and highly experienced juvenile industry design groups in the country, we have developed many of the most successful products in the industry. We have also created the highest-quality, highest-rated and highest-performing products in the business. Many of our innovations have become trusted household names with millions of parents, families and caregivers across the world.


Since our start, we have experienced the opportunity that comes from growth as we have expanded from a baby gear development group into the pet industry with our new pet protection systems. We have also grown from our start in product design to a well-rounded engineering and testing group with two facilities based in Eastern Pennsylvania.


Through it all, we enjoy each new opportunity, each new challenge and particularly each new chance to problem-solve our way to true innovation while continuing to cultivate our accomplishments with our proven process and our core capabilities.


“We’re energized by the challenges of the product design process and blending innovative design with solid engineering to create safe and reliable products. We are passionate about working with talented teams that take ideas and turn them into industry-changing products.

I believe great product design requires a drive for excellence – which is what we strive for each day and with each new idea.

– Curt Hartentstine, Chief Development Officer

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Under our founder, Nate Saint’s, leadership, the company steadily and strategically focused on living out our mission of protecting babies and children. As an industry legend, Nate worked in the juvenile business for over 40 years and is the inventor of the Pack ‘n Play® utilized by millions of parents across the world. As lead inventor and CEO of Iron Mountains™, his passion to create products focused on our customers while mentoring young designers to grow in capability, skill and maturity has served us well.


Through Nate’s humble leadership, our company grew to become one of the leading developers of child safety seats along with major inventions in strollers, travel systems, highchairs, infant soothers, playards and more. Since our start, over 140 of our product designs have successfully launched into the market and over 30 of those products are industry-first and industry-changing inventions.


After 21 years, Nate Saint has moved on to his new season of retirement life and has entrusted his legacy to the current strong team of design leaders who have been at his side since the beginning.